Sunday, July 17, 2011

Apple's Magic Mouse

Yesterday I turned my Magic Mouse off and put it away.
Although it looks very nice, it gives me sore hands. It's just too small/flat!
I started using my "old" Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 again.

This mouse is a bigger and a lot more comfortable to hold.
Apple has such nice looking and easy to use equipment, why can't they design a comfortable mouse, instead of one that only looks good?

I don't think I'll be switching back to the Magic Mouse anytime soon.


This week I first joined

It's a website that allows you to chat with other users using your webcam.
The thing is, though, that you have NO control over who you're gonna talk to!
That's why it's called roulette. The software connects you to random people.

Let me tell you. In the 3 days I've tried it, I've seen 100 (half) naked men masturbating, 400 men looking bored and 10 women.

Since I wasn't interested in talking to men, and the women (all 10 of them) weren't interested in talking to me, I had no conversation at all!
None, whatsoever.

Chatting with the cam on isn't that nice anyway.
You can't really relax, pick your nose or yawn. So I prefer chatting with the cam off.

Unless, of course, your chat partner is one hot babe!