Thursday, June 30, 2011


It's been 9 days ago since I bought my iMac. And to be honest, I'm totally in love with it.

Well first off all, it looks really great. I mean, it's design is beautiful. No more big ugly computer tower in my room, but only this great looking screen.
And it's so much faster compared to my old Intel Pentium 4!

Plus there's Mac OS X. This operating system looks much better than Windows or Linux.
I still have to get used to it though. I mean, I've been using Windows for 20 years. And lots of things just work different in Mac OS X. Some better, some not.
For example: I like Windows Explorer better than Finder in Mac OS X. In Windows it's easier to copy and paste stuff and to move folders around. But I'm sure I'll get used to it.

And even though the Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse look really cool, they too need time to get used to.
The keyboard is really small and so is the mouse. So it kinda hurts your hands after using them all night.
And why is it that when we're talking about the screen, it's the bigger the better. And when it comes to keyboard and mouse, it has to be as small as posible?!

My old PC, when it still had Windows XP on it, took minutes and minutes to boot up.
Last time I was at my mother, I noticed how long it took to start up her Windows Vista laptop. It took ages!
But my iMac takes exactly 30 seconds to start up! Which is really fast if you're used to a Windows machine.

And where my PC sounded like a vacuum cleaner, I can't even hear my iMac. It's so quiet!

So yeah, plenty of reasons to love this new computer of mine. :)

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